Marine needing some cards & letters… wanna help?

Right now all I have is his name, but if I get the name of the guys & ladies in his unit, I’ll post that info as well.

For now, all that is asked is those who want to, just send a card or a letter-you’re more than welcome to include your email address-many of these people love to write back.  But no gifts or care packages are anything are requested at this time.

1stLt Joseph Mazzara USMC
1/10, Battery B
Unit 73330
FPO AE 09510-3330

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  1. Count me in! I ‘adopted’ 2 soldiers a few months ago and I love to do this. Its something that feels small to us but such an encouragement to them.

  2. As a former sailor in the Navy and as someone who has a twin in the Army who’s routinely deployed… I want to say thank you for this. I’m going to have Monkey make him a card tomorrow and I’ll write him a letter tonight.

  3. Vixen,
    I was also curious about this, as I’d never sent a letter to FPO/AFO before. It appears from USPS website (I tried to calculate postage for standard letter) that standard postage rates apply for FPO/AFO addresses. Shi–please correct me if I’m completely off here :).
    I hope this helps!

  4. Generally APO stuff stuff is standard, but I’ll find out for sure…

    Kelley is the lady who passes these names onto me, so if you see a response from Kelley? *G* generally safe to assume she knows what she is talking about.

  5. HI all, poor Shiloh helps me out with my soldier requests but then I leave her to answer you all.

    This is a new name just got an hour or so ago. I have little information, but a card or letter is just a 44 cent stamp. If you want to do a package you can, but all I can tell you is they all share. When I have more news I will let Shiloh know.

    thanks I have had a lot of Shiloh’s readers help me in the past with my ever growing list of troops and I and they appreciate all that you do.


  6. Shiloh, What a wonderful thing to do. I will try to get a card out soon. If you have names or info for soldier requests feel free to pass it on.

  7. Hi all,
    This sounds like an awesome thing to do and I would like to participate but have never done anything like this before and don’t know what to send. Are we talking like a holiday card or like a care package. Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks 🙂

  8. JoBean,
    Right now, only letters are requested rather than any care packages. I think a holiday card would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to add Lt. Mazzara to your Christmas/holiday card list. Thanks for the enthusiasm! If care packages are requested in the future, Shiloh will let us know :). Happy Holidays!

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