Beg me… erotic contemporary romance…

Coming soon from… me.  I’m going to be putting this out on Kindle & Smashwords-Smashwords will get it out thru Nook and various other outlets-just take a couple of weeks. Still waiting on the cover and I have to do the edits on it-I’m using a freelance editor, having a cover done by Angela Waters so it’s going to look nice…very nicecorrection… I know HAVE cover art…*G*

Hopefully I don’t screw up the formatting. O.o

“I want to ask you for a favor,” she said, staring at him over her wine glass.

Drake told himself he could get through this—he told himself he wasn’t about to lose it, thinking about how sexy and sweet she looked in a short, flippy little tan shirt that left too much leg bare. He told himself he wasn’t all but drooling as he thought about the breasts under her close-fitting, clingy black top.

He also told himself the dinner had been delicious, but he couldn’t remember what it tasted like or what he’d even eaten twenty minutes ago. Some kind of chicken. He thought. Or maybe pork. Right?

No, he was too focused on Tania, and the fact that she was sitting three feet away from him. Too focused on the fact that his cock was throbbing like a bad tooth and had been ever since she’d let him into her apartment an hour earlier.

Her words rang in his mind. She needed help—finally, though, something real, something physical he could focus on. That would really help. Maybe her car needed a tune-up, that was easy, although why she’d felt the need to cook for him just to ask for that, he didn’t know.

“Anything.” He tipped his beer bottle back, wetting his throat. Fuck it, she looked so beautiful. She was sitting so close, he could smell the scent of the lotion she’d slicked all over her skin. Good enough to eat, and that’s just what he wanted to do, too.

She grimaced and said, “Maybe you should put the beer down. Stop drinking for a minute because I don’t want you to choke when I ask.”

“Okay.” He smirked a little and leaned forward, setting the bottle on the table. “Although I don’t know what you could ask that would surprise me that much, Tania.”

“Five years ago.”

Okay—maybe I was wrong. She can surprise me.

Drake grabbed the bottle. “I think I need the beer,” he muttered.

She smiled. “Five years ago,” she said again. “You know what I like.”

He shifted his gaze to her, all too aware of just how little distance separated them, all too aware of that short, flippy skirt, of the sweet scent of her skin…and just how acutely he remembered things from five years ago.

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  1. Best of luck with this. I am very interested in exploring different paths to both self-publishing and e-publishing. I have a short story on Smashwords which I put up mostly to see if I could figure out formatting and cover art and how it all worked before trying an actual novel. I’ll be interested in how it goes for you. (I hope you tweet or blog about it.)

  2. Hi, Ben. Good luck with yours as well & welcome to my blog. Not to trying to be rude here but I’m going to assume you haven’t been to my place before, that you’re not familiar with how I feel about people leaving random links.

    I don’t mind hyperlinks in your name at all but anything other that? I can & do reserve the right to edit them out.

    I hope you understand but this is my place…it’s not promo alley and I won’t open that door.

  3. Duh, nevermind. lol, I saw your tweet, came over here, skimmed the post and read the excerpt. 😛 I’ll check out Smashbook when it’s released.

  4. Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I just meant it as credibility to let you know I had actually tried it out, but it was stupid. I don’t like people who leave links either. Won’t do it again.

    To Vanessa Jaye, Smashwords offers all sorts of formats. That is one of the cool things about the site.

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