On Dragons… specifically, DragonCon

So I did my first Dragoncon this year. Even got to speak on one a panel, and be still my heart… Josepha Sherman was on it. Now some of you know I have a mad love for certain authors…one of them would be Mercedes Lackey and some of my favorite books are the books she co-authored with Josepha Sherman.

Let me tell you, when I saw who she was, I literally had to just stand there and get a grip before I introduced myself.  Otherwise, all I would have managed was mad, insane babbling.  Authors like Mercedes Lackey and Josepha Sherman introduced me to the world of fantasy, and I so loved it.    I can probably put a lot of my paranormal/fantasy/worldbuilding love on them.  Getting to meet Josepha Sherman was…um… awesome.

I’d hoped to meet Mercedes Lackey as well, but it didn’t happen… and maybe that’s good.  My heart can handle only so much glee.  And speaking on a panel with Josepha Sherman was like… whoa.    I also met a new author while doing the panel, urban fantasy author Anthony Francis and I do believe I’ll be checking his work out.

Other than the panel, I spent most of the time walking, talking, trying to take it in…but a lot of talking, namely with Stacia Kane, whom I adore.  She introduced me to Caitlinn Kittredge, Christopher Golden, CM Priest, and oh man, all the names.  They escape me.  How does she know so many people?

The costumes are DragonCon are…well, they run from a little out there to a lot.  You can see Leias and Han Solos and Ghostbusters and other people that I can’t even begin to name.  Some are pretty imaginative.  Some…eh, well, not so much.  Some defy description.  Just watching the costumes is an event in and of itself, I think.

The one costume(s) that really stood out for me?


Yep… they made themselves into toy soldiers.  Was awesome.

I didn’t get to stay past Saturday, sadly.  Family thing came up and I left a day sooner than planned.   Regardless, though, Dragoncon is…well… an event.  A mind-boggling one and not exactly one you can really understand unless you actually see it.

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  1. Shiloh hope everything is ok on the home front and was nothing major.glad u had and awesome time,u keep writing and i’ll keep buying god bless u and urs Shiloh

  2. I definitely thought those were legos. How neat!

    Speaking of first fantasy novels- I finally started the Stardoc series, based on your recommendation. I picked the first one up in Edinburgh, and rather than enjoy my once-in-a-lifetime trip in first class on the way home (oh the comfort of those seats!), I devoured the book. First thing I did when I got home- jumped on the computer and ordered the entire rest of the series from Powells.

    If anything you may have undersold these books. They are so amazing! A definite new addition to the keeper shelf.

  3. Liz… *G* aren’t the Stardoc books amazing?

    The last one was sheer…awesomeness. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful ending to that series.


    Anne, the thing on their feet? They took it off. Personally, I think that’s cheating! *G* they should have weeble-wobbled around. 😉

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