Veil of Shadows…Random Snippets/Saturday Snippets

More…. Because I love to tease…

Xan had spent much of his life learning to school his emotions, his reactions, everything.  In that moment, he was very glad.  Because he would hate for his emotions to show in just that moment.  He would hate for his reactions to show in just that moment.

He looked at Captain Laisyn Caar and thought only one thing:


It was a powerful, all-consuming urge that damn near obliterated every other thought in his mind.

(yes…I know that’s a short one, but damn it, it’s one of my favorites…besides, it’s Saturday, and Saturdays are for snippets, right?)

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  1. U always give us good snippets and keep us wanting.u keep writing i’ll keep buying girl god bless u and urs Shiloh

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