Words I Fear

Yes.  There are words that strike fear into my writer’s heart.

Why?  I mean, they are just words.  They mean as much or as little as I let them, right?

Unless they are words like…

  • audit… (self explanatory)
  • taxes… (self explanatory)
  • synopsis (choke… I’m not organized by nature…knowing this, that should be self explanatory)
  • promo (okay, this doesn’t strike fear into the heart of me.  Just loathing.  I hate promo.  But it’s a necessary evil.)
  • head shot (if you’ve been hanging around my blog long?  You already know this)
  • going back to contract (yeah, yeah, that’s not a word…it’s a phrase, and it’s alternately terrifying and exciting.  But what if they don’t WANT ANYTHING!!!! whimper…)
  • cover conference (this is what they call it when they are getting together to start planning your cover. Since covers are hugely important??? that’s why I fear this even as I get all tingly and excited)

Do you have fear words???

4 Replies to “Words I Fear”

  1. You schedule has been changed.

    When any my little ones say Awwwwwwwwwww….followed by silence.
    That phrase stops me in my tracks.

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