Winners for Stacia Kane’s books…

JenM… who commented…

I love flawed characters, the more flawed the better. My all-time favorite flawed character is from a medieval Scottish historical series called The Lymond Chronicles written years ago by an author named Dorothy Dunnett. Her protagonist, Francis Crawford, was a tortured anti-hero type who goes through all kinds of trials in the course of 6 books, but ultimately finds happiness in the end. I’ve measured every hero ever since against him.

As per my blog rules, Jen, you have about a week to contact me. email is shilohwalker(at)  Please put UNHOLY CONTEST WINNER in the subject line.

Remember, guys.  I’ve revised my rules and if I don’t hear from her within the week, she does lose the prize, but I no longer redraw names.  I’ll just hold it and give it away at a different contest.

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