Where am I today…


Blech.  It’s a bad sign when I can’t remember where all I am supposed to be.

I know:

I’m guest-blogging for Sylvia @ Murder She Writes

(Say congrats to her if you head over there-she’s a double winner in the Rom Con readers crown)

And I think:

(if that’s not right, or if the destination is wrong, I’ll update)

UTA: And…new releases at Samhain… including one of my surprises.

A Free Grimm.

And Grimm #4

You can get them now…

Want to meet Ren...?



3 Replies to “Where am I today…”

  1. I have the same issue most days. I can never remember where I am, and I always feel stretched to the limit. That’s why I come on to read blogs, it makes me relax and get lost in the lives of others. Will visit RomCon blog, I’ve never been there and I won a free ticket to the conference but didn’t get to go. Looking forward to maybe next year.

  2. I hate not remembering where I’m supposed to be.
    And according to the calendar at the RomCon site, your due up tomorrow. I’ll be sure to go visit.

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