Saturday Snippets…From Tarnished Knight

Just finished this today (Friday).

It’s done. Tentative title is Tarnished Knight. Will be out from Samhain in the fall, ebook only right, print will come later, I assume.

And for those who are curious about who might be in it…well, here is a brief clue…

Image via Photobucket| lins2405

If that’s no help…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair…

Image via Photobucket ~ lins2405

And since it’s time for a Saturday snippet…


There weren’t many people left willing to give Jack a go.

I could see why.

As he turned around and caught sight of me, that one look was enough to make my heart do a crazed little dance in my chest.  If I’d still be mortal, if I’d still be that blushing maiden I’d been in my mortal life, I think I might have fainted dead away at the sight of him.

He looked like hell on earth…like a warrior bent on destruction.

He also looked so damned hot, even smeared with blood, I just wanted to jump him.

Man.  I was sick.

Twisted and sick.

Hoping none of it showed, I jerked my head to the back door and said, “We need to be gone.  Now.  The cops are coming.”

He curled his lip.  “Figures.”

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