A Stroke of Dumb Luck

Yay…. I mentioned two surprises this month…and here’s the second one!

A Stroke of Dumb Luck

Free short story, over @ Tor.com

And make sure you visit Inez Kelley’s guest post today…she’ guest blogging with me.

6 Replies to “A Stroke of Dumb Luck”

  1. Excellent free read! I loved Kit’s voice and the story was unique and fresh!


    It was neat because I live about an hour away from Orlando.

  2. And we can read more of Kit’s story… where? When? 😀 Awesome read, thanks for making Monday bearable!

  3. LMAO… guys…there isn’t any more. I might try later, if I can figure out a place for it, but um…well. My hands are kind of full…

  4. Yeah, I agree: more please!

    I can totally see something developing between Kit and Jude. ^_^

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