We interrupt today’s post…

To bring you this…

So… has anybody figured out who Ren is yet?

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  1. Beautiful cover Shiloh. And, thank you for signing my copy of “Fragile” at the LF event (courtesy of MaryG) and for the swag goodies. That was so kind of you.

    Um, what Lisa said about who Ren is?? lol


  2. I love the cover. Gorgeous!

    I’m not sure who Ren is and it’s driving me crazy!! I keep thinking of the Willow-Wren. But, I also think I’m wrong. LOL

  3. WOW… that is TOTALLY not what I had pictured, lol. YAY for that cover artist! Fantastic, my dear… just yummy!

  4. Awesome cover! The guy would make a great djinn! The only Ren I know of was one of the main characters in ‘Foot Loose’ played by Kevin Bacon. Other than him, no clue.

  5. Ren is next….yes! And no I still haven’t figured out who is he. I’ve been re-reading NO PRINCE CHARMING so I can post my review and I still love his character.

    Whenever I think of Ren’s name, the only “ren” I can think of is Ren & Stimpy and I know that can’t be right….right?

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