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Please note: I have a very aggressive spam filter-if your comment doesn’t appear right away, please do not panic/repost/email/tweet me about it.  I am watching the spam filter and I do clear out all entries.

So…The Missing releases in paperback in July. About a month away. And I need to do something to help get the word out. So…since I’m lazy (and still trying to figure out the mass promo thing) I’m going to enlist blogland and twitter land to help me.

Excerpt…. (contest details below…)

“God, Taige . . .”

Shoving away from the door, she kept her head down as she moved around him and headed into the living room. He followed behind her slowly. She heard a click, and light flooded the room. She shot him a look over her shoulder, just a quick glance, enough to tell her just how dead-on her dreams had been.

“So, are you going to look at me or just let me stare at the back of your head all night?” he asked softly.

She shot him another quick, almost nervous glance over her shoulder, and Cullen blew out a breath.

When he spoke again, his voice was closer. “Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m here?”

Aren’t you going to speak to me at all? Cullen wanted to ask.

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And onto the contest.  This is sort of two contests in one.

Blog contest:

Just post either the widget or the trailer to your blog. Please note, this must be an active blog. Sorry. No facebook, myspace or twitter pages count for this-it must be an active, actual blog. However, if you have several active blogs, you can post it to both blogs, and have one entry per blog. The widget at the top left of the blog, and the trailer is here:

Once you post the trailer or widget, link back to me via this post so I can keep track of those entries.

Blog prize will be a $50.00 GC to the online bookstore of your choice, provided I can buy a gift from there-as I’m not located outside the states, I may not be able to purchase GC to bookstores outside the states, so likely international winners will have to accept Amazon GCs.

The Tweet side

You can enter via twitter by following me (I’m at ) and posting this:

Check out @shilohwalker’s #TheMissing

For the twitter part, yes, you can tweet it multiple times, as the whole point is the get the word out about the book. Make sure you use the above phrase exactly otherwise, I won’t be able to find it to enter it.

Twitter prize: $50 GC to the online bookseller of your choice, and yep, as above, I do have to able to buy the GC from the US. O.O

And to help keep interest going, I’ll be doing weekly giveaways via twitter adding up to the final giveaway which will be the week The Missing releases (probably toward the end of the week, though). So the more people tweet the contest, the more likely they are to win something.

The weekly giveaways will consist of random things like gift certificates to iTunes, the Sony ebookstore (note, you don’t need a sony reader to buy/read their ebooks), maybe a signed book from my backlist, that sort of thing.

And yes, you can enter both the blog and the twitter contest. You can win one of the weekly giveaways and still qualify for the main prize, but if you win one main prize, you can’t win the other one.

The rules:

  • First, please note…my spam filter is aggressive.  I’ll watch it and fish out the entries.  Thank you!
  • As with all of my contests, make sure you’ve read my disclaimer.
  • Make sure you use one of the widgets for The Missing-I have a couple of books coming out and will be loading other widgets.  To qualify for this contest, the widget has to be for The Missing.  If it isn’t, you are not entered and it’s your responsibility to make sure-the widgets are easy to identify-covers are clearly and easily identified.  Please do not ask me to clarify which is which.
  • It’s your responsibility to check back and see if you’ve won-blog winner will be posted here, tweet winner on twitter.
  • FYI, I will attempt to DM the tweet winner first and if you’re not following me, I can’t DM you. So…I will then draw another name.
  • Contest will run through the end of June and up through the first few days of July and winners will be notified sometime during July.  I’ll close this thread when the contest ends.
  • Do Not Post This Contest To Sweepstakes Sites. If this happens, I reserve the right to end the contest without awarding the prize (and I likely will.)

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  1. I added it to my Twitter. For some reason I can’t get the widget to work on my LJ.

  2. retweeted again
    was w/o comp for few days old one currently not running now have new one and have to find all my favs site again, inc yours, lol

  3. Hey Shiloh,
    I just hit the follower button a few minutes ago and I copied what I was suppose to tweet so I got it right. So now how do I prove it here? Do I just put my twitter address on this post? I will include what I think it is and hope for the best. I sign in with my email addy and I don’t know if it’s my id on twitter though. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Robin S.

  4. Would love to win this book. Nothing more relaxing than a good read!!

  5. Just a reminder guys… leaving a comment isn’t an entry for this. Make sure you’ve actually read the post-that tells you how to enter.

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