The Missing…Random Snippets

The Missing releases in mass market on July 6th…

Now it’s already out in trade, still available in a few places, although if you wait until it releases in paperback on 7/6/10, it would mean lots and lots to me.

I’m going to be posting some excerpts between now and the end of the month. If you haven’t read it yet, maybe you’ll decide to check it out when the book hits the shelves in July.

And…if you haven’t seen it, do you know about the contest?


As a teenager, Taige Branch was able to do things with her psychic gift that others couldn’t understand—except for Cullen Morgan, the boy her stole her heart. He did his best to accept her abilities, until his mother was brutally murdered—and he couldn’t forgive Taige for not preventing her death.


Now a widowed father, Cullen Morgan has never forgotten Taige. But what brings her back into his life is another tragic event. His beloved little girl has been kidnapped, and Taige is his only hope of finding her.

Working together against the clock, Cullen and Taige can’t help but wonder whether—if they find his daughter in time—it isn’t too late for the overpowering love that still burns between them…

“What are you doing here?”

Lifting a brow, he replied, “I’m looking for you.”


“Unfinished business.” His voice softened as he looked her over from head and toe, and Taige had to suppress a shiver. Nearly a hundred degrees and so damn muggy breathing was a chore, and he could make her shiver with just a look.

Then she focused on what he had said, and she felt some­thing dig at her heart. “We don’t have any unfinished busi­ness, Cullen.” Damn, he wasn’t going to try to pay her or something, was he? A niggling suspicion wormed through her, and she narrowed her eyes at him. “I don’t want any money from you.”

A reluctant grin tugged at the corners of his lips as he shook his head. “I’m not here to pay you.” That hard, sexy mouth of his flattened out into a thin line, and his eyes scanned the parking lot. He held his hand out to her and murmured, “We need to talk.”

Taige really, really didn’t want to touch him. She’d worked hard to avoid doing just that as much as possible in the few hours she’d spent with him last month, but there had been a good excuse for avoiding physical contact. Now? There was no logical reason for refusing to put her hand in his. Other than the fact that she really didn’t want to touch him.

“Scared of me, Taige? Or just pissed at me?”

Yes. No. In that order. But was Taige going to tell him that? Oh, hell, no. She took a deep breath to steady herself and then reached out, placed her hand in his. Instinctively, she braced herself for the onslaught of memory fl ashes that came with physical contact, and just as quickly, Taige forced herself to relax. She hadn’t ever been able to pick up anything concrete from Cullen, and now wasn’t any differ­ent. When she lowered her mental shields, she caught a few faint flickers, but none of them were solid. None of them of were defined.

“Where to?” she asked and hoped he didn’t notice the way her voice shook just a little.