Books I Need…

Let me have…now…whimper.

By Jeaniene Frost

This one comes out on my anniversary.  And while we’re at Nationals.  And…um…when in the hell am I supposed to read it?  Can’t I have it now?  I’m good for pimping.  REALLY.  Just ask the next author… she’ll tell you.  Or ask all the people who I recommend her stuff to.

By SL Viehl

I’m suffering here.  I want this book so bad, it’s not even funny.  Actually PBW probably DOES think it’s funny.  I think she likes to torment me.  I think she even put up that damn counter on her blog with the words… the final stardoc novel just to torment me.  Why yes, I do have a paranoid, me-centric thing going here….

by Carolyn Crane

I read this already.  I still need it in print.  Because I’m like that.  And I want to beg Carolyn to write faster, but she took pity on me and didn’t make me suffer.  Unless some people (PBW).

by Ilona Andrews

Because it’s by Ilona and I wants it.  And she took pity on me with Magic Bleeds. Unlike PBW.  (Yes, I’m harping on that.)

by Marjorie M. Liu

Damn it.  This one also comes out on my anniversary.  What’s up with this???? Can’t I have it now?

14 Replies to “Books I Need…”

  1. You are soooo bad!!! I feel your pain. I want to have sympathy, but this is how I feel about your stuff!!!! ; )

  2. ever think of asking? Bet if you asked you’d find at least one of those authors willing to swap their books for yours

  3. I have Eternal Kiss of Darkness. I want Double Cross. I feel negotiations may be in order.

  4. I love these posts. Using Amazon (or B&N, etc.) or even review blogs to keep track of what’s coming out is a pain in the butt. You list the best books with no searching involved. Thanks!

  5. Oh, dear… okay, well, Carolyn came thru for me which is awesome, cuz we’re still fairly new friends.

    Lynn/SL is DELIBERATELY torturing me, although she claims she’s holding this book close to her chest because it’s the last one…and it’s hard to let go. (yeah right…she’s tormenting me)

    But I can’t exactly go begging and pleading with the others…don’t feel right doing it. If it was Lora, I could…. *G* and would. And have… *G*. But I’m like her sister. And I tried that tactic with Lynn with no success. O.o

  6. IIRC, someone teased us to no end with the fact the she read an early copy of Lynn’s latest Kyndred, Dreamveil. You know what they say about paybacks… hehehe.

  7. 😉 sure I know what they say…you think I would learn my lesson but I get toread books early a lot and teasing is such fun…it’s almost a job requirement really. I mean, teasing makes people evenmore hungry for whatever book and that always good. 🙂 see, I’m helping. Really

  8. LMAO…. um… Jennifer Estep has just offered me an e-ARC of VENOM… the 3rd book in her Elemental Assassin series. Oh, I’m so bad. And yes… I’m sitting here snickering in sheer, evil glee.

  9. I so agree with u Shiloh i am a fan of Jeaniene Frost as well and trying to wait paitiently for this book in the next series. Also was wondering if u could tell me a release date for ur speacial ops book tried to find it but havent seen any more news on it

  10. heather, it’s out. Just try doing a search for the Mammoth Books of Special Ops Romance… my name won’t come up as listed. It’s a collection of short stories… Trish Telep is probably who will come up-she compiled the stories.

  11. I am doing well Shiloh thanks for asking just bein working like crazy.Ok i will do that lol it’s bein driving me crazy cuz i havent bein able 2 find it lol i try 2 get ur books and ebooks the day they come out cuz i love ur as i always say girl u keep writing and i’ll keep buying.God bless u and ur family

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