30 Days of Giveaways…#5…

Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


Dominic snorted.  “Well, hell.  She’s got a lot in common with me, already.”  He braced his pool stick on the ground and watched as Ana made her way through the people, heading for the small library tucked off to the side of the rec room.

The rec room was crowded, but for a rainy Saturday evening, that was to be expected.

All too aware of the vampire’s interest, Duke focused on the pool table.  The edgy, twitchy sensation in his gut expanded and he shot a dirty look at the window.  He didn’t mind water.  But he hated getting drenched and if he shifted in that downpour, he’d end up soaked to the bone.

He needed to shift, though.  Had to do something to release the edgy, nagging tension that had been building inside him over the past few weeks.

“You know her?”

Duke lined up his shot and took it before straightening and meeting Dominic’s gaze.  “There’s close to five hundred students in this school—you think I know them all?”

Dominic shrugged.  “Well, you know her well enough to say she shouldn’t be here.”

Duke could have bit his tongue off.  Yeah.  He had said that.  “Her name’s Ana.  She’s a psychic, here to get that under control, not because she’s Hunter material.”

Running his tongue over his teeth, Dominic cocked his head, watched as she disappeared through the doors leading to one of the numerous libraries.  “She’s cute—blonde.  Shit, I love blondes.  And I bet she’s blonde all over…”

She was—a memory he’d tried damn hard to forget came rushing up, the night she’d suckered him in, on the trunk of her car.  He’d followed her out there, didn’t bother to tell his partner he was heading out, too focused on the woman and the hunger he scented coming from her.  Too focused, too impatient to wait, once they’d reached her car, he pulled her against him and kissed her, deaf, dumb and blind to everything but her.


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