30 Days of Giveaways…#4

Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


A ham-sized fist caught up on the side of the head and he went flying, coming to a stop only when his body crashed into a reinforced wall.  Head spinning, he shoved to his feet and stared across the mat at Shawn.  Rubbing his ringing ear, he muttered, “Good one.”

Shawn shrugged, a wry smile creasing his dark face.  “Not really.  You’re off.”

Off—yeah.  He was that.  “Maybe.”  Scanning the students seated at the edge of the mat, he singled out Lindsey Sue Whittaker.  Petite, delicate, her head barely reached the middle of Shawn’s chest but when the black man saw her rising from the floor, he swore.  Lindsey fluttered her lashes at him and blew him a kiss before bending over and stretching out her legs.

Then she straightened and without so much as a blink, lunged for him, crossing the distance with a speed no mortal eye could track.  Werewolf quick.

As the vampire set about fighting off the werewolf, Duke retreated off the mat and tried to get his head focused and his thoughts off Analise Morell.


“Who is that?”

Duke glanced up, first at the vampire standing across the pool table, and then towards the door.  But even before he saw, he knew.  Raking Ana over with a contemptuous gaze, he looked back at the vampire.  Dominic—the last name escaped him.  Here from Nashville, Tennessee where he served as a lieutenant for the local master.  “Somebody that shouldn’t be here.”


Just a quick reminder on the contest:

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