30 Days of Giveaways…#1

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Some people have it.

Some people don’t.

Analise Morrell knew which category she fell into.  She wasn’t strong.  Not at all.  While she might wish otherwise, wishing for something didn’t make it happen.  And reaching for that indefinable something didn’t always bring it closer.  She’d reached for strength before, and she’d always failed.

Here, she was more acutely aware of just how lacking she was. Here being Excelsior, the hallowed home of the Hunters—at least on this side of the world.  For four years, she’d trained here, fighting to control her psychic gift, refining her admittedly shoddy shielding ability and working on control.  She’d also managed to get her GED and complete the first few years of college courses.

To the mortal world, Excelsior was a private school for gifted and troubled children and teens.  Other than her age, Ana supposed she fit into that category well enough.

Psychics weren’t exactly the sort of gifted the normal person would expect to find here, no more than they’d expect to find fledging witches, shapeshifters or newly-made vampires.  Excelsior was a whole different world from what mortals would have expected to find.

Not everybody who came to Excelsior would become a Hunter—Ana wouldn’t, and she was fine with that.  But she’d leave it stronger, smarter, and more capable of controlling the gift that had damn near controlled her.

She wouldn’t be used again.  Not by her gift, and not by somebody else seeking to exploit it.

She may not be strong enough to be one of them, but at least she could control herself enough so that she couldn’t be used to hurt them either.

Hurt him.

As though even thinking of him was enough to make him appear, Duke Lawson came striding into the huge gymnasium, walking with a lazy, feline grace.  He’d been born Duke Monroe, but like many of the Hunters, he’d left his given name behind with his old life.

There was a faint, almost unconscious smile on his face, one that faded as she stared at him.  He came to a halt and she saw his nostrils flare—


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