30 days of giveaways… countdown to Hunter's Need

Countdown to Hunter's Need

So I was trying to think of a contest to do here on the blog to help promote Hunter’s Need.  And for some odd reason, I had the idea to do contests (note the plural)

through the month of November, viola… 30 Days of Giveaways.

Now I’m not going to give away a prize every day this month but I figured the 30 Days of Giveaways sounded kind of cool.  So we’re going with it…besides, you can enter any day during the month of November, and there are 30 days…see?

So what do you win? Some of the prizes I’ve picked up…

  • books
  • ebooks (mine)
  • candy
  • promo goodies
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Reader’s choice of  ebook titles from Samhain Publishing
  • A few random surprises

The grand prize… One big, one-of-a-kind prize, to be given away to one lucky winner.  This prize will also include an assortment of the above prizes. More details to be posted once the prize is completed

And the prize is complete…

This is a one-of-a-kind purse, handmade by a friend and fellow writer I met through my KYRW chapter.  Inside the purse, the winner will find a minmum of 2 print books, gift certificates, candy, and assorted goodies.  The winner will also receive 3 downloads of their choice from Samhain Publishing, as well as three more ebooks from my available backlist.  There will be a minimum of $50 in gift certificates (various places-expect retailers like iTunes, Borders, etc.).

Books included in the grand prize: (added on 11/12 to clarify… see this post for explanation)

  • Hunting the Hunter
  • Hunter’s Salvation
  • 3 ebooks (your choice) from Samhain Publishing
  • 3 ebooks (your choice) from my available backlist-please note, I do not have epubbed versions of my Berkley books so the ebooks will be from either Ellora’s Cave or Samhain Publishing

New additions to the grand prize:

  • $20 GC to Borders…added 11/2
  • $10 GC to Barnes and Noble…added 11/11
  • Goodies from Bath and Body works added…added 11/11
  • A surprise from Lush…added 11/11
  • A $25 GC to ebay…added 11/13

Monday through Friday, throughout the month, I’ll be posting excerpts from the book.  I’ve taken the first chapter and broken it down to 19 excerpts, and you’ll get an excerpt each day, Monday-Friday.  (except Thanksgiving week-only Mon-Wed that week).

Once the excerpt is posted, you comment, and viola…you’re entered.  Each comment (limited to one PER commenter PER day) gets you an entry to the big prize, as well as into the drawing for the smaller daily prize.  But if you help me get the word out about the contest, you can win extra entries.  If you preorder the book online during the month of November, you can win extra entries.

Sound like fun?

The Rules, because we do have to have rules:

  • Runs through 12/1.
  • Comment @ my blog (Not via facebook, amazon, myspace, etc) to enter.  Each comment gets you one entry.  You can enter via blog comments once each day.
  • If you post a link to the contest and then email me @ contest4shiloh(at)gmail.com, that will get you an additional ten entries. Put link in the subject line.
  • If you preorder and forward the receipt to contest4shiloh(at)gmail.com, that will get you an additional twenty entries.  Put receipt in subject line. Please remove all sensitive personal data.
  • You can enter each way-if you post a link, comment and preorder, that is 30 entries, as well as one entry for each day you visit the blog to comment. You could get up to 50 entries for the grand prize. (yes, commenting today counts as an entry, but no prize today-prizes start on Monday)
  • Names will not be shared/sold/traded/spraypainted on a billboard.
  • Please note, to enter for the small daily giveaways done during the week, you must comment @ my blog.
  • Daily giveaways will be Monday-Friday.  Winners will either be posted here or notified via email so please make sure you check back often.
  • Please do not cheat-trying to comment more than once a day, using different names/emails, is cheating and you’ll likely end up disqualified and barred from entering future contests.
  • Do not post to sweepstakes sites.  These contests are for current and potential readers and I do not want to them to be posted at sweepstakes sites.  Should this contest end up at sweepstakes sites, I reserve the right to end the contest without warning and without giving away the rest of the prizes in the contest.
  • By entering, you agree to respect author copyright if you win the prize.  This means you will not post the books to filesharing sites or share via mass email, sprinkle them down on discs from a hot air ballon, etc, etc, etc.


  • ETA…each contest thread will be closed within a day or two of its original posting.  So enter while it’s open!