30 Days of Giveaways…#2

Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


His gaze cut to her and she managed to keep from flinching as his dark gray eyes connected with hers.  She lifted a hand, waved hesitantly, but he didn’t acknowledge her.  He just turned his away and strode across the rubberized floor.  She knew where he was going—the training area on the second level.  Right now, there was a class in progress for the advanced students; fighting skills, but not exactly the kind of fighting one would encounter at any legit dojo.

Martial arts were definitely taught, but the advanced students, the ones most likely to be approached about joining the Hunters, weren’t just taught self-defense.  Duke was currently one of the Hunters assigned to help train—she knew, because she did her best to quietly learn everything about him that she could.

As much as she could learn without him realizing it, anyway.

Considering she’d once been party to his kidnapping and torture, she doubted he’d be too happy knowing that she was obsessed with him.  None too happy with knowing that she still dreamed about him, more than four years after the night he’d had the bad luck to meet up with her.


Too fucking twitchy for this, Duke thought as he squared off with a young vampire.  Young in vamp years, but not human. Shawn Lenning would have celebrated his fiftieth birthday in just a few months if he hadn’t been attacked one night.  Not a random attack, though.  He’d been heading to his car after leaving work.  Parked on a side street in a less than respectable area of East St. Louis, he’d heard the sounds of struggle, a woman screaming and he’d gone to help.

But it wasn’t just the average rape he’d interrupted.  The woman survived, Shawn Lenning was technically listed as missing and presumed dead, and his life would never be the same.  Duke could sympathize.  He knew what it was like to have your entire life changed in the blink of an eye, although at least Duke had been a little prepared.  A natural shifter, he’d known pretty much all his life that there was a whole hell of a lot more to the world than mortals thought.

Shawn had just been simply human.  Courageous and decent, willing to risk his neck for a woman he didn’t know, but just a human and he hadn’t known a damn thing about natural shifters, vampires, psychics…

Pretty blonde psychics with eyes the color of violets and a mouth he could still taste, even four years later.

Life would be easier if he didn’t have to know about that particular psychic, Duke suspected.   After what she’d done, it wasn’t a big surprise that every time he saw her, it hit him on a deep, visceral level.


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