How about a treat for Halloween?

Here’s an excerpt from NO PRINCE CHARMING, the next book in my Grimm’s Circle series.

No Prince Charming... 1.2010


Can you guess which fairy tale I bastardized this time?


Sooner or later, the demon would be in control and the need for sex would dominate over anything else.  Everything else.

Either the victim literally fucked themselves to death-forgoing food, water, anything and everything that wasn’t sex.  The other scenario-the need for sex became so overwhelming, they lost all inhibitions and all sense of right and wrong.

I’d saved people in the past before an incubi-possessed soul could rape them.

Somebody in there was already too far gone.  Either they were killing themselves without realizing it, or I’d have to kill them when they went too far.  Personally, I’d rather find whoever it was and just end it now.

A waste.  Such a waste.  Somebody had given up everything, just for the fun of a few quick fucks.

Do I sound slightly bitter?  Sorry.  Can’t help it.  I lost my rose-colored glasses a few hundred years ago.  Right about the time I lost my virginity, and shortly thereafter, my Prince Charming.


Speak of the devil.

I froze at the sound of my name. Ren stopped as well and although I didn’t want to turn and see him, my partner had no reservations.

I dug my fingers into Ren’s arm.


I knew that voice.  It was the last voice I wanted to hear right now.  Unless he was saying something along the lines of, “Ow, that hurts!” as I beat him across the head with a heavy, blunt object.

Schooling my features, I turned to face him and I’m proud to say, I didn’t feel the urge to swoon.  Not even for a second.

That angel face of his hadn’t changed at all in the past three hundred years.

He looked as perfect now as he had the day he kissed me for the first time.

Heat flashed through his grass green eyes as he studied my clothes and despite myself, my belly clenched in response.  Why is it that I can barely remember the name of my father, my step-mother, my friends growing up, but I can still remember the way it felt when he made love to me the first time?  It had hurt…but then after he’d cleaned me up, he’d lain between my legs and done things to me that had left me scandalized.

I can still remember the shock.  I can still remember the pleasure.

And I can still remember the pain when I discovered the following night that he was engaged to be wed.

To my sister.

“Why…if it isn’t my Prince Charming.”