Finding Inspiration

The cool thing about being a writer is how you find inspiration everywhere. I mean, literally…everywhere.  The idea for Hunter’s Pride came from hearing about two minutes worth of a show on Animal Planet.  They were talking about how a pride of lions rescued a girl who was kidnapped. They chased off her attackers and hung around until the police drew close.  It got my brain spinning-a pride of shapeshifting cats rescue a girl from an attack and viola, story is born.

Inspiration can come other books, it can come from the news.  It can come from TV shows like oh…say…Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Image from Buffy Wiki, Gingerbread Episode


So Buffy…combined with this book…

Brothers Grimm

Put them together and you get the inspiration behind my current WIP. Once I get a little further into the story, I might share some more info. 🙂 It’s fun, writing it.