Meet Oreo

After the DH and I had to put our old dog Brandy down, we had planned on waiting a while before we brought home another.  Plans and me don’t always work out, it seems.

We were checking out rescue sites for cocker spaniels and that’s where I found this sweetheart.

She’s still pretty nervous around the house.   She was rescued from a puppy mill and you can tell she doesn’t really know what to think about what’s going on.  She’s very well behaved, really seems to like the kids, but she’s not sure what to think about us.

This morning, she’s relaxing a little bit more, wagging her tail when I pet her and she took a treat from me.  Doesn’t want to really eat yet, but I checked with the rescue group and they said it’s normal, probably related to nerves and such.

She’s such a sweet little girl.  I fell in love the minute I saw her.  Of course…she’s supposed to be my son’s dog… *G*