The madness that is my life…

So in addition to dealing with a whole boatload of piracy mess over the past few weeks, the holidays, getting ready to test at taekwondo, kids getting sick, car issues, we now have pet issues.

Cat was sick.  Cat got better.  Cat now having issues again…the vet thinks it’s behavior or age related, but if things don’t get better soon, we’re back to the vet.

Then there’s dog issues.  DH’s dog and the bratlet’s dog.  DH’s dog issues are age related.  But still, very gross.  The bratlet’s dog issues are because the little monster is eating something she shouldn’t.

Calgon…where is Calgon, good chocolate and wine when you need it?

On the plus side, I DID manage to get some work done today.  Not as much on my next ebook project, but I’m not going to keep stressing on those.  The print stuff comes first and I am making headway there.  First time I’ve actually gotten decent work done in a week.

Sigh…Calgon.  Chocolate.  Wine.  Bed…