Read & Blog…winners…

Sorry to be a little late getting this posted.   The madness that was November and December ate away at my brain and it’s taking me longer than normal to remember all the stuff I’m supposed to do.

Anyway, the winner of the Blog All About It contest was Lillie A, who posted on her myspace blog.

The winner of the Read All About It contest was Suzanne W who preordered THE MISSING from Amazon.

Ladies, if you can contact me at   shilohwalker(at), I’ll get with you about your prizes! My apologies for not getting this taken care of sooner!  Can we blame it on contracts, deadlines and other assorted writer catastrophes?

UTA:  FYI, between now and the end of the year, things are going to be touch and go with me…if you email and don’t hear back right away, don’t worry, I’ll be in touch after the first of the year!