Mythe Series

Okay, this hasn’t been an easy decision for me, but I’ve decided to put my Mythe series on hold indefinitely. It’s something I’ve been considering over the past few weeks.

Over the past week, it really hit home that the time I’ve spent on that series, as much as I enjoy it, just isn’t time well spent.

At this point, I don’t know if or when I’ll try to finish the series up.

The more complicated fantasy books are harder for me to write. I do urban fantasy/romance/paranormal so much easier than I can do fantasy. Because it isn’t as easy for me to write, I’ve decided to just put it off to the side.

Now… here’s why: It’s not worth it. Even though I love that series. Even though I love fantasy. Even though I love those characters.

It’s just not worth it. Unfortunately, this is one of my ebooks series and I’ve already mentioned, ad nauseum, how much piracy is hitting home with authors.

Writing is a job for me. It’s a business and I have to look at this from a business standpoint.

Considering the time I put into the Mythe series, I can’t financially justify trying to continue any more Mythe books at this point.

It sucks. Plain and simple. I’m sorry to those who’ve been waiting for Cray and Daklin’s books.

UTA: For those who want a more in-depth explanation, feel free to read my post on Readers & Piracy.  If  you like to read, piracy affects you.