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Okay, this hasn’t been an easy decision for me, but I’ve decided to put my Mythe series on hold indefinitely. It’s something I’ve been considering over the past few weeks.

Over the past week, it really hit home that the time I’ve spent on that series, as much as I enjoy it, just isn’t time well spent.

At this point, I don’t know if or when I’ll try to finish the series up.

The more complicated fantasy books are harder for me to write. I do urban fantasy/romance/paranormal so much easier than I can do fantasy. Because it isn’t as easy for me to write, I’ve decided to just put it off to the side.

Now… here’s why: It’s not worth it. Even though I love that series. Even though I love fantasy. Even though I love those characters.

It’s just not worth it. Unfortunately, this is one of my ebooks series and I’ve already mentioned, ad nauseum, how much piracy is hitting home with authors.

Writing is a job for me. It’s a business and I have to look at this from a business standpoint.

Considering the time I put into the Mythe series, I can’t financially justify trying to continue any more Mythe books at this point.

It sucks. Plain and simple. I’m sorry to those who’ve been waiting for Cray and Daklin’s books.

UTA: For those who want a more in-depth explanation, feel free to read my post on Readers & Piracy.  If  you like to read, piracy affects you.

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  1. emmy

    That sucks, and really, ALL books are pirated. The entirety of PBW’s series are all over the internet in at least 4 different file sharing sites I know of, and she had never written an ebook prior to this month. Anne McCaffrey, JR Ward, Robert Jordan, Tom Clancy…just a few of my fave authors whose entire backlist is available to me online, and not a one of them published ebooks.

  2. Renee

    You know how much I love this series and I have looked forward to the final two stories in it. Which is really strange since fantasy isn’t one of my favorite genres. But I totally understand how you feel and you need to do what is best for you. If the books are meant to be written, you will then write them. If they aren’t, then I have enjoyed what I know of them 🙂


  3. Jess

    Regardless of your reasons, readers will hopefully respect your decision, Shiloh. (Though very good reasons they are.) It’s unfortunate but necessary.

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  5. Regina

    We, selfish being that we are morn your decision… But that said, we will keep looking for work that you do have coming out. I am a serious series reader, LOL And as such can’t wait for each release so I do love ebooks, but I know you view on that. I also know the last ones I’ve bought were Adobe digital and didn’t know ther was a way to pirate them. Doesn’t that help? Not that I’m not trying to sway you, just asking.

  6. shilohwalker

    Regina, unfortunately pirates can pirate anything. Geez, some even actually slice up books and scan the pages in order to ‘digitalize’ those not in ebook form.

    I hate it as well, but as I said, it’s just not time well spent and I have to handle this with a business outlook, since my writing is a business. 🙁 Sucks that some people love to ruin things for others.

  7. Di Fox

    I’ve seen at least 5 sites where people have most of the EC books available online, as well as those who have tried (abismally) to scan paperbacks into an e-book format. I’ve got a spare room chock-full of books as well as an e-book reader and a lot of the time, I still prefer to curl up with my paperbacks. I paid over the odds to get your Mythe books before I got the ebook reader – never got the ebook versions and never will as the paperbacks seem more valuable to me.

    You’ve got 2 awesome stories in this series already. Maybe you could think about doing Daklin’s and Cray’s stories, then publishing them as a Mythe series non e-book? I know it’ll cost money but I for one would think it worth any price and would gladly buy it.
    Your fantasy work is the best!

  8. shilohwalker

    Di, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books, but honestly at this point in time, for me, looking at this from a business standpoint, it won’t be time well spent.

    Looking at from a writer standpoint, moving that particular world into print wouldn’t be easy-moving my Hunters books was fairly easy because I’d plan on expanding that world anyway and set the writing & worldbuilding up so it would be feasible. But the rather complex world-building in Mythe, as well as what was happening within the stories would be a lot harder.

    I won’t say I’ll never, ever write another one because I never know what will happen a few years down the road, but at this point, I don’t have any plans to work on that series any more. I’m sorry. 🙁

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  10. Erin Nickas

    I do love the series but totally understand. Hopefully, someday…at some point, it will become feasible for you to write the last two. Piracy is probably the biggest downfall to e-books. But I admit to loving the instant gratification part to it. Besides, I really would like to see the series completed. Maybe when you feel like being masocistic, it’ll be the right time.

  11. Solveig

    I understand completely but just so you know (and I´m sure more people agree with me) that if you were to finish the last two stories and publish all four of them as a book I´d buy it in a heartbeat, for me, my three sisters :ÖD and any woman who wants to read these kinds of stories

  12. Beth

    I have to say… very well stated, Shiloh. I just hardly ever participate in conversations on the web but this subject just begs to be addressed. i got to this page from your website when curiosity caused me to click on “readers & piracy”. i had no idea y’all were dealing with these issues. i had heard about file sharing with music and after observing someone else, just felt like it was so much easier to go to the itunes store. maybe they picked a bad website… i don’t know, but i didn’t realize it was so prevalent in books. i think that you have explained yourself above and beyond your obligations. in your doing so, i hope that readers will “see the light” and do what they REALLY DO know is right. (That means pay for your books people!!!) as far as the series goes, as i said an explanation is not necessary but very much appreciated. it is after all the prerogative of the author to do as he/she wishes, (outside of contractions and obligations, of course). i dont read fantasies for the most part but i’ll probably have to buy the Mythe books just to read them to see what they are all about!! BTW, i really like your way with words and how you put your stories together… otherwise i never would have read the WHOLE page of “readers & piracy”. i’ve enjoyed most of your books. i enjoyed “readers & piracy” too. So thanks, Shiloh, for your hard work and the enjoyment of reading you’ve given me and i will continue to support you one book at a time!

  13. shilohwalker

    LOL… beth, if I managed to make that pain in the butt page interesting to write, then I guess I do have a way with words. I was afraid it would make eyes glaze over.

    Thank you. 🙂

  14. Ann

    Perhaps you may be able to one day finsih the Mythe Series by writing the stories and putting all 4 together in an anthology, or just having the last two published in paranormal anthlogies. I knew your Hunter books are very popular and alot of those readers would try out the antholgy based on your name alone. I, personally, will keep hoping that one day the Muses will inspire you to finish the Mythe Series, as I really would like to know the rest of the story.

  15. Sarah Burdett

    I understand your decision, although I will miss the series. I will say this, I have never downloaded a book without paying for it as I appreciate the hard work all authors put into their work and they deserve the money they receive from sales.

  16. Aleesha

    It’s a pity that the last two won’t get written, but can you tell me who is the mystery woman that was found at the end of Vampire?