My news…for real this time

People, I’d like to introduce you to my rabbit.

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*G*  Okay, okay… seriously…Okay, so back in September, I decided I wanted to branch out and try doing more romantic suspense.

That’s the rabbit I was trying to pull out of my hat.  Sadly, the rabbit and I encountered some difficulties.  However, we overcame the difficulties, and in such a nice fashion, too.

My agent just formally accepted an offer from Ballantine Publishing for three romantic suspense stories, to be released back to back, at a date to be announced later…but it’s going to be a little while.  Because…well, I still have to write 2 2/3 of the books.  🙂

Right now, the first book is titled Screams in the Night.  Other details will be posted when I have them.

So there ya go… there’s my rabbit. 🙂