Pardon me while I squeal…

Remember when I was so jazzed because I got an 86 from Mrs. Giggles?  I’m not sure, but that moment might have just been eclipsed.  Not sure.  Well, maybe it’s a tie.  I mean… an 86 from Mrs. GIggles.  Whoa.

Anyway, I’m rambling.

I was doing my bloghop and telling myself I needed to get to work and I ended up over at Smart Bitches.  They reviewed Talking with The Dead. I got a C-.  Before anybody boggles and wonders why I’m so thrilled about a C-, let me explain why.  Or rather, I’ll quote some of the review.

Let me say outright: there were a lot things that frustrated me about this story, but Shiloh Walker’s writing is not one of them. Despite the elements that I’ll get to in a moment, I’ll be looking for Walker’s books in the future because her writing is SOLID. The narrative voice was unique and inviting, and often underscored the subtle language differences between the hero (a Southern man) and the heroine (an Indiana sheriff). The plot was tight, with growing and ebbing tension.


Walker has serious skillz with the dramatic tension, the descriptions, the pacing, the mood and the narration, and as a character O’Rourke is marvelously written. I particularly adored the dialogue between O’Rourke and his brother – familial banter with an extraordinary subtext, and humor balanced with pain. Those were definitely my favorite scenes.

There’s very little “meh” in this novella for me – I either adored parts or was screeching about others. The good, I’ve outlined. I don’t know if I can underscore how good I found the good parts, particularly Walker’s writing. It’s damn good. So what made me screech?

Cool, yes?

The parts she had had problems with, I can definitely see the issue.  I don’t go out of my way to read reviews unless they are placed in front of me or somebody points them out to be-well, that’s not entirely true.  Sometimes I go out of my way.  However, I can proudly say I’ve all but stopped googling myself.

Reviews, even the bad, or especially the bad, can help writers.  I’m not talking bad as in eeeewwww….. omg, this book sux and so do you! I mean…what’s helpful in that?  But a cohesive review can highlight issues that definitely need attention.  I’m the worst at repetitive phrases and I’m trying to improve but it was a review that really brought it to my attention.  See?  We can learn, yes?

But I dunno if I’m gonna learn much from this semi-sorta maybe a little negative review, because I can’t get past my inner girl who is wiggling and squealing and thinking….they liked it, they liked it!  Or rather, she liked my writing.

I’m downright thrilled with my C-.

So pardon me while I sit here and squeal…

For the curious, you can read more about Talking with the Dead here.