Some of you already know I’m gone.

I’m way up north in Alaska and while I’m going to try and peek in when I can, just because I’m a total internet junkie, my check-ins will be sporadic.

I’ve got a couple days downtime planned the middle of next week while my DH takes our two oldest up way farther north than I want to go…even in the summer…me and the baby bratlet are having a few days to our lonesome and crafty me, I found a nice, quiet B&B where they have wifi so I’ll try to check in then and maybe post some pics if I get some good ones.

So far we’ve got on our agenda a dogsled ride, a trail ride, the zoo…by the time next week rolls around, I’m gonna need the downtime, I promise.

If I can remember, I’m going to bring back a few goodies for a giveaway or two here, although no promises. My memory? Lousy. 😉