Guest blogger… Phoebe Jordan

Phoebe is guest-blogging for me today. She’s also got a few more blog posts planned… if you have any comments or insight about her post, feel free to mention them in comments!

And onto Phoebe…


Hey everyone I go by the name Phoebe Jordan, which is the alias that I want to write under, and I’m an aspiring writer. I’m Shiloh’s guest blogger for today and I will be writing about my research into what aspiring authors should be doing if they are seriously considering pursuing a career in writing romance. Since I was in high school I’ve always wanted to write romance novels because of all the romance novels that I’ve read over the years have inspired my writing. It has only been since I started college last September that I really starting giving my dream of becoming a romance writer as a possible career choice for me when I graduate in 4 years. I researched all of the necessary classes I would have to take as an English major because I’ve always loved my English classes and I knew that to become a write I would have to pursue it very seriously. As I looked up all the required courses and electives that I had available I noticed that there were a couple of courses that I knew would definitely help me with my writing career. I would have to take two courses about British literature and two courses of American literature. And as elective courses I had my romance writing career in mind so I chose a creative writing course, a course on editing, which will help me with the skills I would need in copyediting, proofreading, and indexing.

I have my whole career in college planned out except that I’m not sure if I should get my BA in History too. I love history and I also thought that when I was comfortable with my writing contemporary romance novels I would then branch out to writing historical romance novels. I love reading historical romance novels because they take me to a time that I know I would never get a chance to see but it still makes it real for me. I don’t like reading history textbooks because it’s just plain facts. They don’t have a story that captivates me and so that’s why I’m not completely sure if I should go for a BA in History, but I know that it would benefit me with my writing if I do ever decide to branch out to historical romances.

I’ve had some time to consider this writing career path and I’ve even talked to my family about it and with my new college counselor. They say that if it is what I really want to do with my life that I should research about the publishing industry and even find out if there are any internships at a publishing house that I could do over my summers. I really thought that idea about an internship at a publishing house as something I should really focus on because it would give me an insight on what I would have to be dealing. I have research all the publishing houses in New York City because that is where I live and because it is the place where almost every major publishing house is based. I have also done some research on literary agencies that are based in New York City too because I hear it is always good to have an agent.

Well I’ve gone on long enough and so I will leave it at that, but I will be back as a guest blogger soon to continue talking about my research into what aspiring authors should be doing if they are seriously considering pursuing a career in writing romance. Okay readers I have something to ask of you all if you can. I would like you readers to kind of help me out with my situation about majoring in History. Leave a comment on what you think I should do, if I should go ahead and major in History too or just leave it and just concentrate on my English major. It would be such a big help and I appreciate all comments if you are able to give them.

—Phoebe Jordan

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