Upcoming Virtual Tour & A Winner

I’m terrible with promo.

I feel weird trying to talk about my books.

But I’m trying to do better…so I’ve lined up some things I’ll be doing online to help promote Through the Veil over the next couple of weeks.

I’ll be doing guest-blogs and/or interviews at the blogs. At Lora’s forum, I’ll be hanging out there chatting off and on, sharing excerpts, etc.

For those interested, I can be found @

Virtual Book Tour

Edited 5/27 to add in…

There will be excerpts. Various weirdness from inside my head. Some fun stuff. Hopefully. 😉

Also, we’ve got a winner for the double contest.

Chosen at random. Wouldn’t you know… Lori’s love for John Cusack won out.

Lori commented…

I loved 1408…I am not a big horror fan, but this one had John Cusack in which meant that I must see it.

I really liked it and I agree with the weird scary thought.

We saw Untraceable when it first came and I thought that was a bit suspenseful.

Sorry, that I don’t have a scary movie suggestion, but I would love to be entered. Did I mention that I love John Cusack?

Yes, Lori. You mentioned it. 🙂 Email me @ shilohwalker at gmail.com.

Thanks everybody!