Me Sexy

Oh yeah.

I wanna read this one. Thanks to the ladies at the SB blog, I now have yet ANOTHER book to add to the leaning tower of TBReadness.

*G* Hey, read the book description…can you blame me?

Is Cree really the sexiest of all languages? Do Native people have less or more public hair? Does Inuit sex have a dark side? These are some of the questions answered in this witty, thoughtful collection. Twelve important voices in the Native culture — including Joseph Boyden, author of Three Day Road, and Marissa Crazytrain, a descendant of Chief Sitting Bull — tackle a variety of previously taboo subjects with humor and insight. Noted comic writer and editor Drew Hayden Taylor wraps it up with an original contribution of his own.

The little blurbette deal on the cover.

He was silent but strong, from an untamed land where love and buckskin walked a sensual path. She was pale and virginal, unversed in the ways of Aboriginal passion. Her heart beat wildly as he moved towards her, because the night was dark and so was he.

And the cover…. I mean, check out that cover.


If for no other reason, I need to know what the ‘dark side’ of Inuit sex is. I’m married an Eskimo-Inuit, to be exact.

If you wanna read allllll about the book, you can do so here.