Cool Cards, West Virginia and Lora Leigh

Originally, this was gonna two posts, with the cards posting on Friday.

But I’m too thrilled, had to share now.

So…. this Saturday, March 8, I’ll be signing books with Lora Leigh @ the Ohio River Festival of Books.

Info about the event can be found at the site here.

Lora and I are signing at the Borders table from 3-5pm.

March 7-8, 2008,
at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Conference Center
Huntington, WV

And now the cards…
I have some serious luck when it comes to covers, promo type stuff…. *G* It seems like most of the cover artists who’ve done my covers must really like me, because I get some of the coolest.

(and yes, that might be a delusion, everybody loving me, but let me keep it *G*)

But I have an ace up my sleeve when it comes to promo and not just cuz Angie over Millenium likes me.

PBW blogged a while about about a different twist on business cards. Using ‘character’ cards. I loved the idea, but I’m nit picky when it comes to designing stuff. I can’t design worth crap, but I couldn’t get one on the free programs online that I was satisfied with.

But I have that ace.


I have one graphic designer that absolutely adores me, won’t charge me a cent and will keep tweaking until I’m happy. My mom.


Aren’t they pretty? And she made matching business cards.