Hunter's Edge

Another new cover…*G* I have new cover goodness going on lately.Photobucket

This one, also due out in May, is coming from Samhain. Ebook for now, but it will go into print.

And because I’m in the mood to tease, I’m only sharing a short excerpt.


“It’s a Hunter’s calling,” Kel had been told. Told time and again, but he didn’t have any desire to be a Hunter, to be some altruistic defender of the innocent. Part of him knew it was because he blamed them. Blamed people like Rafe and Sheila, not just for failing to save him, not even just for failing to save Angel.

No. He blamed them for saving him.

Now he was stuck in what looked to be one long-ass life, a life where he was able to feel, hear, dream about Angel, but never to touch her again. Never to see her.

A life where she’d grow old and die–without him.

She was still the only woman he’d ever loved, and the time that stretched out between them didn’t change that. Neither did the fact that she wasn’t even aware he was alive.