Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons I’m Getting Ready to Have Several Glasses of Wine

  1. Numero Uno… it’s Spiced Apple Wine, a seasonal thing from a local winery that is like seriously yummy.

  2. It’s been a fricking long week. And it’s only Wednesday.  Well, for another hour or so.

  3. The kids are quiet and in bed and it’s one of the few times I can have a glass without the bratlet deciding she needs to see what’s in mama’s pretty glass.  Ever tried to keep a wine glass away from a baby?  The wine tends to splash-and babies move fast.

  4. I have a serious headache from the past 24 hours and I figure a glass of wine is better than banging my head against the desk.

  5. I just finished a book… so I get to celebrate.

  6. I’m buckling down to start my main writing project for the next two months starting tomorrow.  Must get as much done as possible before the holidays so I can enjoy them with the kids.  So I need the glass of wine.

  7. I’ve spent the past… hmmmm… six weeks?  Maybe? working at my old day job and I’ve decided doing that, with three kids, and a husband who is gone from 4pm to 6 am Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…and sometimes on Sundays is much harder than it was when he worked 5a – 5p on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and we only had the two kids.  Exhausted…me?

  8. I bought some more wine from a winery down in the Smoky Mountains and I can’t really open up one of those new bottles until I empty the one that’s in the fridge.

  9. It tastes really yummy with chocolate.  After the past day, I need chocolate almost as much as the glass of wine.

  10. We also got that new nurse trained.  She’s more or less officially on her own, which means my days are mine own again… another cause to celebrate.  I work Saturday morning and then I’m off the hook.  Good reason there to celebrate to.

  11. A glass of wine, the fireplace on, and the DH sitting with me.  Hey, that sounds like the best reason of all.

  12. I want it… so I’m taking it.

  13. All of the above.

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