Gennita Low…?

I’m still playing catch up from my brief stint back at the old day job doing the training bit.  So I’m behind on the Friday Snippets thing.  Hopefully will get back to doing that when I’m not working 8 hour days, being Mama to three bratlets, including a teething baby bratlet and trying to make deadline.  I think that might happen next week.  😉  Then I’ll just be Mama and Writer again.  Instead of Mama, Writer and Nurse.

Okay, so I decided I adore Gennita Low.  Haven’t ever read one of her books, yet, but I like the lady.  I’ve seen her on a couple of blogs, I’m thinking, but mostly on Dear Author and that is where my deep affection started.  Can’t decide who I adore more, her or Ann Aguirre.

And since I do love to read books by authors that I really admire, I’ve decided I have to become a Gennita junkie.  I’ll become an Ann Aguirre junkie when Grimspace comes out, because I decided some time ago that book looked fantastic.

But I need some book recs on where to start my Gennita junkie addiction.  Anybody read her?