I’m bored.  Very bored.

It’s a beautiful day outside and if I didn’t have the baby bratlet, and if I had some garden soil and flowers, I could go work outside.  Suppose I could always go pull some weeds or prune that rose bush (desperately needs it)  but I’d rather plant than maintain.

Could always read a book, but the only book I’m in the mood for right now is Demon Moon.  You see, I finished reading Demon Angel last night and I think Meljean is trying to be mean to me, because she hasn’t sent me a copy of Demon Moon.  I don’t wait very well.   But since she isn’t picking up on the not subtle hints, I think I might try the next Crazy book.  Can’t remember which one is next but I’ve got the list somewhere.  ooooohhhh… update…. I got an email from Meljean.  The e-arc of Demon Moon is on its way.  E Arcs are so so wonderful.  I don’t even have to wait for the mail!

While I was over at Meljean’s blog, looking for a way to yell at her about that book, I saw she had a link to Margaret Cho’s blog, linking to an entry about the tragedy that happened in Virginia earlier this week.  Sad to think that some people can look at this and see race.  All I can see is tragedy that breaks my heart to even think about.

For those who don’t know, I live in the Derby City area, which means tomorrow is THUNDER DAY….  Big pretty fireworks display, excessive considering it’s all for a horse race, or at least that’s my opinion.  The kids like it though and it’s always entertaining.  Parking isn’t.  Traffic isn’t.   Weather sometimes isn’t.  But the fireworks are cool.

Going to have an interview up with Lynn Viehl/SL Viehl/PBW on the Vamps and Scamps blog next Tuesday so for those who aren’t hitting RT, feel free to come by.  There will be prizes.   I’m a total PBW junkie, but I promise I’ll try not to hog her.

 Mailed off Through the Veil to my editor at Berkley.  Now comes the hard part…waiting to see if she likes it.  Always a fear of mine.  Fortunately, next week I’ll have enough to keep my mind occupied for a while… gotta decide what I’m writing next and that’s going to take some thinking.

Now I’m gonna go check my email and see if that e arc is there.  If so… I hope the baby feels like taking a nap!