13 Reasons Why I Forgot about TT

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  1. I was looking for haircut styles for the bratlet and losing my mind.  You know how hard that is to find a simple site with a decent selection?  Should be easy.  Hundreds of sites listed in search engines.  Except most of them are link farms. Link farms are evil and should rot in cyber hell.
  2. Baby bratlet is fussy.
  3. Running around last night with karate, dropping the bratlet’s friend off after karate and then the DH came home early from work.
  4. Did I mention those evil link farms?  GGGGUUUUUUUUHHHHH… one of the sites listed had a domain that sounds like a hair cut site.  Guess what… it was a porn site. Glad the bratlet wasn’t trying to help me pick OUT her haircut.  Evil link farms.
  5. There’s a finished MS on my desk that I’m trying to find time to send to my editor.
  6. The baby bratlet discovered my old journals and notebooks full of handwritten stories, ideas, etc and thought they’d be fun to eat.  So I’ve been fighting to keep her out of them.
  7. Dropped off the monster at school and spent an hour talking with a friend I met there that I could have spent working…and working would have reminded me of TT.
  8. Spent last night going over an interview for the V&S blog that I’ll be posting soon, with my absolute fave writer, PBW
  9. I was sick early in the week and I’m still playing catchup-which means my brain is mush.
  10. I finished that MS mentioned in #5 on Monday or Tuesday-and any time I finish a book, my brain is mush for a few days.
  11. My days are off.  I didn’t realize it was Thursday.
  12. Overslept this morning. So I’m running behind.
  13. Did I mention how long I spent looking for stupid haircuts, thereby forgetting everything else I had to get done?

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