Good book. Go read it

I just started it last night and if I didn’t have willpower deadlines, I’d be doing nothing but reading today. I’ve talked with the author briefly on twitter, met him at Confusion and he’s pretty cool.  I’ve been meaning to read his book and after I met him, bumped it on my list.  Now I […]

More new covers…

None of these are new releases, but if you haven’t read them before now is a great time to get them.  They’ve been reissued with awesome new covers, and for this week only, Samhain has the prices 30% off. Someone wants a secret to stay buried—even if it means murder. Since waking up in a […]

Due out tomorrow… my messed up hero

Kindle   Long, tense moments passed and then Gus nodded slowly. He held out a hand, and although she didn’t trust him any farther than she could throw him, she placed her hand in his, let him offer her assistance she didn’t need to rise to her feet. He kept hold of her hand as […]

Friday Reads

I’m with Tori over at her blog…with guests! And prizes! Visit us! Come try and win stuff! Now… I’m kinda tired of my friday flashbacks and my brain is a mess.  Finished a book this week and trying to get my brain in gear for the next phase of this project (don’t ask)… so instead, […]

Grimm Guest…Anne Hope

Today’s Grimm Guest… Anne Hope…don’t forget to read down to the bottom for info on entering for today’s giveaway and for information on how to enter for the Grimm prize I’m giving at the end. “It looks like a painting.” Jenny gazed at the lighthouse perched on a shelf of ultramarine blue and burnt umber […]


I spent most of the weekend feeling awful.  But the positive side?  It let me read.  I read three books. I finished…(I got an ARC from Nalini…she’s so good to put up with me.) I started & finished by Sylvia Day…(this the first historical of hers I’ve read, and I loved it.) Also started and […]

The last and final (sob) Stardoc…

Sniffle. Okay… I had a pointed reminder that some people were wanting to hear from me on the last and finalllllll *sob…sniffle… noooooo* Stardoc book. Dream Called Time. What can I say about this book?  Other than wailing over the fact that it ended…well, I guess I can say that I think SL Viehl ended […]