Left Behind…?

PBW/Lynn Viehl used to do a Left Behind and Loving It workshop every week during nationals.  I only participated once.  I can’t always think of good ideas.  But I had a book come across my way not too long ago that inspired an idea. I need to do a workshop on nurses and romance books. […]

Thursday Tips…Bookbloggers & Readers

Kindle Thursday Tips-geared toward the newly contracted/newly published author.  If you’ve got comments or Qs, feel free to leave them in comments. Book bloggers…they are your friends Besides librarians and booksellers, another group of people you don’t want to neglect or abuse? Bookbloggers. This doesn’t mean going and totally schmoozing it with them.  While some […]

An RWA recap

Sorry…no pics to post. I had my camera, but just never thought to take it out. O.o So, on Nationals. We spent two days at Disney so when we checked into the Dolphin on Tuesday, I was dragging already. But hey, it’s Disney. Wednesday, what did I do Wednesday…I registered, hung with friends, had lunch, […]


Lynn Viehl is having her annual ‘left behind and loving’ party this week.  She’s doing some online workshops for writers. Yesterday she blogged about writing, but she came at from an architectural standpoint-’building’ a story.  Had some pretty good info. If you want to take a look, go here.

Lovely thought

The post below is for the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge.  I’m down to blog today and couldn’t think of anything, and ended up doing a search for quotes.  Found a good one and wanted to share.