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NJRW Conference in a nutshell

So this year, for the second time, I got to do something cool… and this year was the first year I’d done something quite like this, so it was really cool that I was able to do it twice.  Back in March, I was asked to speak for the Washington Area Romance Writers and give a workshop. […]

Writing a more believable medical hero/heroine…day 4, handwashing, sore feet, etc

Image © Shannon Matteson | Dreamstime Stock Photos This is going to be a hodge-podge. But things I never see come up in a book with a medical professional… We are always washing our hands We tend to have very sore feet We like pens–we have to write a lot and the pens disappear Handwashing From the CDC’s website… […]

Writing a more believable medical hero/heroine…day 2, confidentiality

Image © Shannon Matteson | Dreamstime Stock Photos Ever heard of HIPAA? If you’re writing a medical hero or heroine, you should have heard of it. Also, if you’ve been to the doctor’s office in the past umpteen years, you have heard it.  You just might not realize that is what it is. In 1996, HIPAA, also known […]

Writing a more believable medical hero/heroine… Day One

Image © Shannon Matteson | Dreamstime Stock Photos A few years ago, I attended a conference.  One of the workshops was on romantic suspense and building a more believable bad guy. This is good stuff, I thought, stuff I needed to know. So I trotted on to the workshop, notebook in hand…it was a handy notebook. I still […]

Left Behind…?

PBW/Lynn Viehl used to do a Left Behind and Loving It workshop every week during nationals.  I only participated once.  I can’t always think of good ideas.  But I had a book come across my way not too long ago that inspired an idea. I need to do a workshop on nurses and romance books. […]

Thursday Tips…Bookbloggers & Readers

Thursday Tips-geared toward the newly contracted/newly published author.  If you’ve got comments or Qs, feel free to leave them in comments. Book bloggers…they are your friends Besides librarians and booksellers, another group of people you don’t want to neglect or abuse? Bookbloggers. This doesn’t mean going and totally schmoozing it with them.  While some may […]

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