Left Behind…?

PBW/Lynn Viehl used to do a Left Behind and Loving It workshop every week during nationals.  I only participated once.  I can’t always think of good ideas.  But I had a book come across my way not too long ago that inspired an idea.

I need to do a workshop on nurses and romance books. Doctors and romance books. Any kinda medical professional and romance books. Because the medical professional does tend to show up as a hero or heroine.

And man, some folks get it so fricking wrong. Which leads to people like me (a nurse) rolling my eyes or throwing the book.

This isn’t going to be anything super in-depth, but I’m doing a couple of mini-posts next week, while some of my friends are away partying/having fun/getting their toes pinched in cute shoes at RWA’s national conference.


I’m going to talk about why I can’t stand to read a book where the main character has anything to do with the medical profession.

If you write/or want to write romance/any book and plan to have/ever have a nurse/doctor/anything medical related, feel free to drop by and see some of the stuff that inspires my rants.

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4 Replies to “Left Behind…?”

  1. I thought I was the only one. I can’t even watch it on tv, the inaccuracies kill me!

  2. There are very few books I can read like that where I’m not constantly rolling my eyes either. I was a lowly PTC, but still, unless it’s written by a medical pro, I can’t read them. Same thing with NASCAR stuff. Can’t read those either because it’s been our life for so long. First the DH built NASCAR engines, now he does the Corvette ALMS. It drives me crazy when the writers get it so very, very wrong…

    Sometimes, Write What You Know is good advice…

  3. Lol, I am a critical care nurse and can’t remember the last time I read a romance considered medical. It drives me too crazy when they do stuff that is so obviously not true to reality!!

  4. *should have been PCT, patient care technician or TP, technical partner* duh…

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