My do’s and don’t’s

Kindle So I’ve got some do’s & dont’s.  These are mine… just mine.  But I wanted to throw them out there. DO: remember your readers are entitled to an opinion…whether they liked your books or not. remember your readers might not have liked one book… that doesn’t mean they won’t like another book. remember to […]

Possible new comment policy…

Lately I’m having people leave promotional comments on my blog. Things like… “Oh, hey…that’s great…now why don’t you come check out my blog and my books.” FYI.  This is rude. If you’re a writer, you should be able to figure out a clever way to catch attention, which will then entice people to click on […]

Courtesy….it does count, and other ramblings

Yesterday, the night before…on twitter, well.  It was interesting. It started when a guy’s email to an agent went public.  In short…the guy was a jerk.  I’m not linking to it, but basically, the guy received a polite rejection and then responds with a note along the lines of… thanks, you moronic female.  Go back […]

On author etiquette

I’m on vacation…so while you’re reading this, maybe I’m relaxing.  Will read comments when I get back. So I saw a tweet to this blog post: Author Etiquette: Should They Respond to All Reviews? I started to respond there, but figured hey… I always need blog fodder.  So I’ll do it here. The post stemmed […]

It boggles the mind…

How irate some writers get over a negative review. Authors don’t like negative reviews. It’s not written anywhere that we have to like them. And likewise, it’s not written anywhere that we should handle a negative review with good grace. But crying out loud, it oughta be. Other than amusing/irritating/insulting readers and making the author […]

The Facts of Life For An Author

A little before us writers hit the ‘puberty’ stage, our teachers take us aside from the non-writers and introduce to the facts of life. Oh, wait… that’s the birds and the bees talk I’ve been debating about having with the bratlet. But it’s not a bad idea. Especially when I see long time, very popular […]

Not gonna happen, is it?

Okay, so apparently some people like shooting themselves in the foot.  Just a little piece of advice… if you’re an author… don’t go insulting a popular, big selling author online.  It makes you look bad.  Bad in front of industry professionals, bad in front of readers.  Not saying it has to be an author-lovefest out […]

It's never a good idea for an author…

Okay, listen up. It’s never a good idea for an author or any other publishing professional to try taking on a reader in a public forum. It is just plain stupid. I don’t think that the author ought to feel obligated to kiss tail.  Not at all.  Anybody that knows me will probably tell you […]


Authors Behaving Badly. You know there’s a problem with there’s actually an acronym for it. I never would have imagined there would such an issue with some authors making an ass of themselves, especially not considering how hard I’ve worked to get where I am and I assume others have as well. Yet we still have […]