Possible new comment policy…

Lately I’m having people leave promotional comments on my blog.

Things like… “Oh, hey…that’s great…now why don’t you come check out my blog and my books.”

FYI.  This is rude.

If you’re a writer, you should be able to figure out a clever way to catch attention, which will then entice people to click on your name.  If you can’t do it that way…well, you’re not going to do it the other way, not on my blog.  Sorry.  It annoys me.

So I’m pondering a new comment policy.  If people leave promotional comments, I think I might reserve the right to edit them as I see fit…things like

“come check out my blog…”

They will become…

“come check out my boogers…”

Childish on my part?  Hey, maybe.  I can own my childishness.  But, you know… it’s kind of childish and unprofessional to spam somebody else’s blog.

Besides, you want attention, otherwise you wouldn’t be leaving promo comments on my blog…and this will get you attention.  Really.  It WILL catch people’s interest.  Except I’ll also remove all links when I do it, so they won’t be clicking right through.

Writers, come on.  Be polite.  Don’t spam other people’s blogs.  It’s rude.

22 Replies to “Possible new comment policy…”

  1. They will become…

    “come check out my boogers…”


  2. I can’t believe someone would do that to another blogger/writer! Some people are just so ignorant. And I like your “editing” policy, it will make for some very interesting comments! 😉

  3. LOL Yes, I’m completely with you on this. Although, I’m now kind of hoping that some writers will not see this & still post links to their stuff so we can see your contributions to their comments. Should make for even more entertaining reading! 😉

  4. I totally agree…and yes I think you should be able to edit them…could make for some interesting reading!!!

  5. I too have started getting a rash of spam. They have some generic nonsensical comment and then a LIST of links.

    I now moderate comments for posts more than 4 days old as the spammers seem to be targeting older posts on my blog. I hope it helps.

  6. First in all seriousness…yes, totally agree.

    The childish side of me? I want to start talking about my blog, so you put boogers 😀

  7. I totally agree. I find it annoying to have to read those kind of comments. I say edit away! 🙂

  8. This is a very sad development indeed. I was only reading your blogs for the ads by other authors…

  9. Well, I say I only read it for the articles, but, who would believe me?

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