Why Amazon & BN reviews matter

I had a reader ask me why the Amazon & BN reviews matter…  I’ve noticed you’ve been pushing for more reviews…the book club thing and periodic requests for reviews, etc on twitter, FB.  I don’t ever pay attention to them.  I ask friends or go to blogs.  Store reviews just don’t matter to me.  What’s […]

Do you have Qs?

I think I need to update my FAQ page…   I’m getting a bunch of the same ones…   Are you writing a series about Zach’s brothers? What happened to Puck?   Are you seriously making us waiting until 2014 for Broken Blade? Is/Why can’t the Kit books be audio?   Why don’t you have […]

About the Hunters

The series was canceled by the publisher early this year, as previously mentioned on the blog. I’m still getting a lot of emails asking about continuing the series, why I’m not pursuing self-publishing, why I’m not trying to continue with it…etc… Sooooo…there are a number of reasons.  Time, money, the drop in sales, etc. The drop […]

Just a few more days…

A mini snippet from STOLEN… Tears burned her eyes but she blinked them away. Filing the email, she put the phone down and covered her face with her hands. Can you tell us what happened…? No… She sat there and shuddered. Do you remember… No. She didn’t. But a part of her was trying to, […]

More on the Hunters series….

Kindle  First… pardon the website insanity.  I’m fiddling. Okay…more on the Hunter books.   Again, Hunter’s Rise is the last one. I had several people ask me if there wasn’t any other way to keep it going.  And more than a few…ah, outright tell me that I just had to do more. So…here’s the deal. The […]

News about the Veil series

2012 Update:  The publisher has no plans to continue with the series at this time.  Sorry, folks. Okay…so this isn’t the funnest post to write.  But it’s got to be written. For the foreseeable future, the Veil series has been placed on hold.  While Through The Veil had great sales and great feedback…Veil of Shadows did not. […]

I finished a book… what now…

Filed under Qs writer get asked… a lot… On my facebook page the other day somebody asked me…(paraphrased…) I’ve finished a book-what’s the next step in possibly getting it published? And since I (and many, many other writers) get asked this sort of question, I’m going to past my response here: That’s a hard question […]