A Q about Veil

And majority rules on this. I have the first 30-ish pages of the unsold Veil book.  Again, it won’t be finished and it won’t be sold. However, due to all the questions I’m getting lately, would you all be interested in just having those 30 pages?  Keep in mind, there’s no resolution.  There will be […]

News about the Veil series

2012 Update:  The publisher has no plans to continue with the series at this time.  Sorry, folks. Okay…so this isn’t the funnest post to write.  But it’s got to be written. For the foreseeable future, the Veil series has been placed on hold.  While Through The Veil had great sales and great feedback…Veil of Shadows did not. […]

Veil of Shadows…Random Snippets

Kindle “Done?” she asked quietly. He nodded. Just as she lifted her comm-unit, the others chirped. Elina and Lee, almost in sync, each said, “Done.” Lee added in, “This baby is locked and loaded.” Syn shook her head and muttered, “Don’t refer to the device as a child, Lee.” Lee just laughed. “Just need to […]