A Q about Veil

And majority rules on this.

I have the first 30-ish pages of the unsold Veil book.  Again, it won’t be finished and it won’t be sold.

However, due to all the questions I’m getting lately, would you all be interested in just having those 30 pages?  Keep in mind, there’s no resolution.  There will be no resolution.  Veil is too complicated a world and would require hardcore editorial work-something I’m not willing to do on my own and I’m not doing it with my digital publishers, for reasons that I’m not going into.

But if the majority would prefer to read it…let me know.  I’m trying to use a poll feature here, so if it’s working for you, go with it.  If not, just please leave a simple YES or NO in comments.

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6 Replies to “A Q about Veil”

  1. Aztec, the no is fine for the vote, but I can tell you the hope is pretty much hopeless. It would basically a miracle to revive that series enough to get the publisher interested and that’s the only way I could feasibly pursue it again.

  2. I would love to read it since I really loved the series and was so hoping to see where it all led.

    Vote – YES 🙂

  3. well crap! that is two series from you that I am addicted to and will not get an answer for….I hate the publishing world! Not sure who gets to decide these things but to be honest I would read whatever there were for them, but I hate not having an ending…

  4. Shiloh, I know it’s a very dim hope but…see, I would hate to know just a bit more of what happens, with no resolution. I need to keep hoping–for a publishing miracle, as it were.

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