Playing at Sybil's today

Kindle Gee, think Blogland is tired of me yet? Today I’ll be at Sybil’s with a guest blog and I’ll drop in during the day. I believe I interviewed Kalen for this one… The Good, The Bad & The Unread June 4 (I think…maybe?) This was originally my last ‘stop’ so to speak, but a […]

Through the Veil releases

Kindle Her body ached. It wasn’t anything new. Although Lee was only twenty eight years old, she already felt ancient. Exhausted even upon awakening,with stiff aching joints, and bruises that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Lee slowly flexed her muscles and tried to hold together the fragile wisps of the dream. But as always, […]

Two Tour Stops & An Excerpt

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out at Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick’s forum. Chatting. Excerpts. Trying not to bite my nails off in worry as I think about Through the Veil releasing. You know, typical author stuff. You can find me here: Lora & Roni’s Forum And just in case you can’t access the […]

At Lucy Monroe's Today

Man, I think virtual tours are almost as exhausting as real life ones. Lucy Monroe’s Blog on May 30 FYI, some technical details here… I think my emails to Lucy have gotten lost in cyber-space. There is a guest post coming…at some point…  :-O

Today's virtual stop…and some real life stops.

Today I’m over at the Book Binge. Or rather, an interview and an excerpt are at The Book Binge. The Book Binge on May 28 And it’s sort of shaping up to look like I might be doing a signing while I’m in Alaska the latter part of July or first weekend in August. We […]

Upcoming Virtual Tour & A Winner

I’m terrible with promo. I feel weird trying to talk about my books. But I’m trying to do better…so I’ve lined up some things I’ll be doing online to help promote Through the Veil over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be doing guest-blogs and/or interviews at the blogs. At Lora’s forum, I’ll be hanging […]