Playing at Sybil's today

🙂 Gee, think Blogland is tired of me yet?

Today I’ll be at Sybil’s with a guest blog and I’ll drop in during the day. I believe I interviewed Kalen for this one…

This was originally my last ‘stop’ so to speak, but a few more things popped up. I’ll try to remember to add those details when I get them.

Regular blogging to resume if I ever recover from NEW RELEASE ANXIETY…

(I think it deserves its own medical designation, don’t you?)

There’s a contest going on at May’s blog for a free Shiloh (bratty) ebook via fictionwise. I believe all you gotta do to win is comment.

I’ve gotten most of the books in from the auction I did and I’ll be packing them up for Emmy the lucky woman here soon. Before I do, I’m going to list them all on the blog with a huge thank you to all the authors. (Hopefully my memory is functioning better at this point)

Also, those who won the ARC contest (or received a digital ARC from me), if you don’t have a link to your review on my ‘review’ page, drop me a link in comments on where to find your review. Those who got their review up before release time, if you’d email me… I’m going to be sending you a small ‘thank you’ type of prize. email at shilohwalker (at)

(had to edit and mention a few things I forgot)