Title Troubles

Okay, I’m having title troubles.  I’m done with the next Veil book, and I need a title for the book. Title has been chosen… thank you!

Desperately.  The only thing I know I want is the word ‘veil’ in the title.  The book has a similar feel to the first one, THROUGH THE VEIL, a little dark, kind of edgy, with some action, a paranormal feel.  The Veil series is set in an alternate world, one that’s separated from ours by a ‘veil’.

It’s a romance-the heroine from the book is Laisyn, one of the witches who served with Kalen in the war.  The hero’s name is Xan and he’s more or less just a lifetime fighter, born and bred to do it.

Involves some treachory, some lies, some love, some sex…

Update: Guys, I am reading all the entries…still not quite ‘feeling’ the right title.  While there isn’t a blurb for this story yet, I’ll try to give a bit more info. For those who haven’t read the first book, this may contains some spoilers.

Xan, the hero, is trying to figure out what he’s gotten himself into when he came to join the army.  Syn, the heroine, is trying to adjust to a life where the Gates have been shut down.  She’s also having all sorts of issues because the collapse of the Gate caused some serious tumult in her world and the weaker witches can no longer rely on magic-it’s too unstable.  She’s one of those weaker witches and she’s having some…wel, we’ll call them identity issues.  The traitor from book one, Dais, is still on the run and he’s trying to figure a way out of this mess-he’s also got some unhappy Warlords on his tail.  The Warlords are more or less trapped in this world, unless they can figure out how to force a small gate up, one last time.  I can’t really offer much more than that without some serious spoilers…blurbs are not my thing.  But there’s a little more info.

Anybody wanna help me out by tossing some title ideas out there?  I’ll make a contest of it…

ETA:  Please, leave only a maximum of two suggestions per day.  Dani-girl & medumb, since I didn’t even think of it until I checked my blog this morning, your entries are fine.  But from this point out-two suggestions per day.  Gives everybody more of a chance and lets my brain process better (yes, I’m weird… seeing too many at once send my brain into overdrive).

ETA2:  Posted an excerpt to my yahoo group.  It’s not an overly chatty group-mostly just for updates and such.  If you wanna read the excerpt, it’s here…