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Shiloh Walker

The Grimm on sale

The Grimm are sale…gearing up for the release of the final book in the series! All the earlier books in the series are $1.99 or less.

Candy Houses  0.99

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No Prince Charming 1.99

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Crazed Hearts 1.99

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Tarnished Knight 1.99

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Locked in Silence 1.99

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Grimm Tidings 1.99

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Blind Destiny 1.99

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Furious Fire 1.99

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Grimm’s End, the final Grimm tale, is up on Netgalley

Grimm's End

The last story in the Grimm’s Circle series is coming out next month. Right now, it’s up on Netgalley. If you’re a review, it’s a great time to check it out.

Also, you can now preorder!


“Trying to keep him from giving into the dark side.”

A weak laugh escaped me. “You remembered some of your geek training, Will.”

He took a step toward me. “I forgot the color of the sky. I forgot the sound of human voices. I forgot what it was to have food in my belly…”

He was in front of me now.

“But I didn’t forget the sound you made when you sighed in your sleep,” he murmured, reaching up to cradle my face. “I didn’t forget how you laughed when you teased me or the way you would try to make me laugh. You made me laugh when I had gone centuries without it. I forgot so much…but I didn’t forget you.”

I gasped when he lowered his face to mine. When he brushed my lips with his, I felt tears burn.

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Furious Fire… Grimm #8…

It’s showing up for pre-order.



“Finn, why don’t you let our…guest…come inside?”

Finn fought the urge to grab the orin, grab it, loose the fire inside him and listen as its screams flooded the night around him.


He just wanted to let the thing—and his own rage—burn.

But he stepped aside and let the demon see Will.

If he hadn’t been watching, he wouldn’t have seen the tiny flicker of lashes, the minute tightening of facial muscles. Such a small betrayal of emotion, but it was like a neon sign.


Demons fed on it, as long as it wasn’t their own.

And while one lone Grimm wasn’t necessarily enough to make one of the orin quake, all bets were off if the Grimm was the one who wore white.

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Wrapping up a series…

I’m just about done (probably will be by the time this posts) with the next book in The Grimm’s Circle series.

I bawled through the second to the last chapter. Something really rough happened-caught me by surprise. As I’m not a plotter, exactly, I didn’t see this coming, but knowing what I knew about this series, I’m not surprised.

I’ve been planning to wrap it up for a while and this puts me in the position to do just that. As sales were dropping off, it seems like the ideal time to get it done, but I didn’t want to leave it hanging–I don’t like doing that, but sometimes, you’re almost left with no choice. Fortunately, I can make the choice here and I’m hoping there’s one more go left in me.

There’s one line in it that left me really choked up…

He stole a bit of it, though, then and there, pressing his mouth to hers. “If I could have let myself, I would have loved you.”


Anyway.  I’ll post more on what’s up with the book when I know.

To those who’ve been waiting, thanks for being patient.  If by chance you haven’t read it and you’re curious?  You can read a free story here on my site.

A bend in the road

CrazedHearts72LGIt’s one of those… it’s decision time…points in my career.

Writing is full of them.  Many of these decisions suck.  The ones I’m making right now aren’t fun, but they have to be made.

Namely… about Grimm & the FBI books.

I’m probably going to be putting the Grimm series to bed.  When I have time in my schedule, I’ll write Will & Mandy’s story, but that’s probably going to be it.

The FBI series may be either over, or pushed to the side for the foreseeable future.

The Grimm series, as much as I love it, and I do love it… I have more fun with that series than any other one out there, save for the Kit books, but the books barely scrape by.  For some reason, it’s just never caught on well.

The FBI books are just slowly going…pffft.  I may not be shelving that one yet.  I’ll see how things go with the releases of The Unwanted and The Protected, but The Reunited and The Departed, two of the better books I’ve written just didn’t do all that well.  When you put your heart and soul into a book and the sales just aren’t there…sometimes it’s a good idea to move onto while you can.

I know ‘numbers’ aren’t a reader concern, but they have to be a concern for the writer.  As I’ve said when talking about the Hunters books…

In the end, I had to make a hard decision.  Writing can be full of them.  A writer’s daily life is all about the words…but in our business lives, if we don’t focus on something else…numbers and sales, we can end up being one of the writers who don’t keep writing for a living.

Since I kind of like what I do, and since my family kind of needs me to keep working…well, in the end, I knew what the right decision was, even though it wasn’t an easy one.

Does this mean I’m absolutely shelving these two series?

As far as the FBI books go?  Nah, not absolutely.  The Unwanted is a novella coming out from Samhain, an experiment of sorts.  It’s going to have a lower price and maybe that will appeal more.  If it goes over well, maybe it will just work better in that format.  It will require those who like print to wait longer to get the books, and I’m sorry for that, but sometimes you have to make those hard choices. I’m a prolific writer, but that doesn’t translate to high-selling.  It just means I write a lot.  People have heard of me, but hearing of me doesn’t mean they’ve tried me and some of the series that just aren’t catching on, well, it’s coming down to decision time.  Either they catch on, or I let them go.

I’ve got a few options with the FBI books, so I want to try those out.  But I don’t see that many options with the Grimm. I’m going to be honest, I’ll probably wind that series up soon. If something wild and crazy hits me for Rob or Finn, I may write those later down the road, but I’m not counting on it.

Those who enjoy the series, if you want to help keep them going, the best thing you can do, as I discussed yesterday… word of mouth & reviews.  Those reviews key into that discoverability thing and without that discoverability factor, it makes it harder for people unfamiliar with my work to find my books on retailer sites, namely Amazon and BN.

I won’t be making a hard and fast decision on the FBI books until I see how The Unwanted goes.  Maybe it will turn around.

Tomorrow…I have slightly better news.