Snippet Saturday… author’s choice…

Going with BROKEN, one of my older titles… He opened the door— And stopped dead in his tracks as somebody all but fell into his arms.  Somebody…a woman.  And not Theresa. He caught her just above her elbows, automatically steadying her. “I’m sorry,” she said, her voice soft and low. Then she lifted her face […]

Qs for Broken

Kindle Have you read Broken? If so, can you help me out?  (FYI, if you haven’t, you might not want to read the questions-they’ll probably involve some spoiler stuff). A friend of mine heads up a book club and she wants to put together a page on book club discussion questions for books in the […]

Wow… how cool… about Broken

I saw this today.  How very, very cool… Best Literary Fiction Book Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel Best Eclectic Book Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins Best Non-Fiction Book Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, by Harriet Reisen Best Cultural Book Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok Best Kidlit Book Is Your Buffalo Ready […]

BROKEN…now available

With his belly rumbling a reminder at him, he sauntered down the walkway and followed it around the house. His nostrils flared and he caught the scent of something absolutely divine—spaghetti. The lady was making spaghetti and when she made spaghetti, she also had homemade garlic bread. Suddenly, Quinn was damn glad he hadn’t hung […]

Broken…. Final Snippet!

Kindle“Go to hell,” she snarled. “I told you I’d find you,” he said again. “I told you . . .” “I told you . . .” “I told you . . .” Sara came awake with a start—she was alone in the bed. Some dreams she forgot before she ever woke. Some dreams lingered with […]

Broken…Random Snippet #9

You can’t run forever. She hadn’t wanted to run forever, but the one chance she had at stopping kept eluding her. The words chased her as she made her way to the bus station. Chased her, haunted her, mocked her. Even with those words echoing in her head, even with the memory of Quinn’s face […]

Broken…Random Snippet #8

God, was he ever falling for her . . . “Man, if you looked like you were going to spit nails a few minutes ago, now you look like you’ve been hit across the head with a two-by-four.” He lifted his eyes away from his plate and found her staring at him, her chin propped on her hand. […]

Broken…Random Snippet #7

She was jogging down the front steps when Quinn pulled up in front of the house. His motorcycle was a shiny, slick piece of work, all black paint and silver chrome. Geez, he was the living embodiment of a girl’s bad boy fantasy—worn jeans that clung to long, lean legs, his wheat blond hair just […]

Broken…Random Snippet #6

Kindle“Can’t? Or don’t want to?” Quinn had asked. Man, if that guy had any idea just how much she’d love to have the complication of him in her life . . . Even if it was just a quick, torrid affair. Hell, a fricking one-night stand, even. She’d been living without the things she wanted, the things she […]