Qs for Broken

Have you read Broken?

If so, can you help me out?  (FYI, if you haven’t, you might not want to read the questions-they’ll probably involve some spoiler stuff).

A friend of mine heads up a book club and she wants to put together a page on book club discussion questions for books in the genre and she asked me for 10-12 questions on a book of mine-we decided on Broken.  But I’m clueless about what to ask… can you help me?  Here’s a link to her site if that will help give you ideas.  Toss out your suggestions… help me save my brain… O.o

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  1. Hey Shiloh! I came up with a couple of questions on the spot that may or may not work for you.
    1. Quinn Rafferty obviously has a troubling past. Did Quinn accepting the possibility of a HEA surprise you?
    2. Quinn seemed to be hesitant to the idea of children. Were his reasons surprising?
    3. Did Sara’s identity shock you? What about the way she really presented herself physically at the end?
    4. What did you think about Sara’s initial reaction to seeing Luke?
    5. Given their strong personalities, could there be a bond between Devon and Sara?

    I kept the name Sara in my questions in case anyone may see who hasn’t finished the book. I hope these help:)

  2. 1. Sometimes authors do something called foreshadowing, to show you that there is going to be a ‘reveal’ at the end of the book. Do you think Ms. Walker did this with Sara’s character? Were you surprised by the outcome? Give us an example of ways Ms. Walker foreshadowed the ending.

    2. Quinn begins the book one type of character and ends it quite differently, to you what was the moment that Quinn became the ‘hero’ of Broken?

    3. Tell us how you think the concept of Revenge is handled in Broken. Ultimately, does it work out positively or negatively for the two main characters?

  3. Favorite quote
    What are some character strengths? Weaknesses? Why?
    Favorite moment?

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